Department of Youth Advocacy

The Department of Youth Advocacy seeks to create environments that promote the safety and affirmation of all students by fostering a culture of care and respect that extends throughout the entire school district, cultivating a platform for student voice that builds agency, ensuring educational justice for all.
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LGBTQIA+ Education & Advocacy

The office of LGBTQIA+ Education and Advocacy is a completely integrated program within SDUSD. The program collaborates with other district programs and stakeholders to make schools safer and more affirming for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual students. 
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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

In partnership with experts in the field of human trafficking prevention and intervention, SDUSD's Youth Advocacy Dept. provides guidance and support for all efforts human trafficking-related in order to address the education and resource needs of SDUSD students, staff, and families.
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Culturally Responsive Schools

 Culturally Responsive Schools connect students’ cultural knowledge,  experiences, and performance styles to academic knowledge in ways that legitimize what students already know.  By embracing the sociocultural realities and histories of students through what is taught and how, culturally responsive educators negotiate school cultures with their students that reflect the communities where students develop and grow.  
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Bullying Prevention & Intervention

The Ally Action program offers information, strategies, and  curriculum which supports schools in shifting to a culture of care. in  an effort to address a rise in physical, emotional, verbal , cyber  bullying, students are supported in being upstanders and allies.  
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Student Voice & Empowerment

 Our Student Voice and Agency program strives to amplify the very  important voice of our youth to seek educational & social justice  within our schools and communities.  We support the empowerment of our  youth through community partnerships and mentorship opportunities  leading to more positive school and community climates where the voice  of our students are not only heard but, valued.
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American Indian Education

The American Indian Education Program supports and addresses the unique educational and cultural needs of urban American Indian and Alaskan Native students who attend school in San Diego.  Our programs supplement the district's multicultural school curriculum, with enrichment programs geared toward Native students, including tutoring, after-school programs, dropout prevention counseling, parent-teacher consultations and monitoring of student grades and attendance.
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Digital Cultural Awareness Center

Visit our Cultural Awareness Center where you will find all of San DIego Unified School District's Board-approved observances, holidays, and days of action organized by month. Each contains a section of educator resources/lesson plans, images/pictures for display, and video resources to share with students. 
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